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Vivianna Magdalena Curiel Flores is a portrait photographer who exclusively uses traditional black and white film techniques. 
Born and raised in Big Sur CA, Vivianna spent her youth exploring the wild nature of the coast and finding solitude under the redwoods. Her teen years were spent in the colorful and lively town of San Miguel de Allende, GTO Mexico with the purpose of learning about her culture. 
She graduated from Monterey Peninsula College in 2014 with an AA in photography and Interior Design.
Vivianna now lives in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and continues to work on her Fine Art Photography as well as teaching Analogue Photography/Darkroom workshops in her private studio.

She primarily shoots with medium format cameras, mainly using the Mamiya 645 1000's and Rolleiflex T.

Most of her time is still spent working in the darkroom. 





Solo Exhibiton:

Mujeres Mexicanas


Mujeres Mexicanas somos todas aquellas que han caído y se han levantado.


Aquellas que perdieron la vida, pero no murieron.Pero llega el momento cuando la soledad nos traiciona.


Sola se puede llorar, Sola uno se puede caer en su propia desgracia, Pero sola no se pueden callar los gritos.


Es ahí cuando uno se tropieza con su propia existencia.



Mexican Women


Mexican Women, we are those who have fallen and have risen back up.


Those who stopped living, yet did not die.But the time comes when solitude betrays us.


Alone we can cry, Alone we can fall into our own despair,


But alone the screams never find silence.


That is when one trips over their own existence.

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